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  • Once you define what ‘aloneness’ is, you realise the quality ‘lonely’ has nothing to do with whether people are with you, or not.

  • - James Blacker, Saturday 19th July, 2014

  • You Know Your Body Best
  • Thursday 17th July, 2014
  • I find it amazing that people can own their own body for thirty or forty years, and yet still refer outwards to others as the ultimate source of authority as to what to put in it.

  • Wisdom and Your Approach to Money
  • Monday 7th July, 2014
  • What’s RIGHT about your approach to your finances and money that you’re not seeing or appreciating?

  • How Work Affects our Waistline
  • Friday 27th June, 2014
  • Oh my lord, how not having an employer agrees with my waistline. If you have a dream, you might want to pursue it.

  • Depth of Analysis for Weight Loss
  • Friday 27th June, 2014
  • The Wisdom Diet works because it brings sufficient depth to address those issues which are right at the core of the cause and effect. Weight loss and weight management cannot be effective if they are only addressing the surface issues above the cause.

  • Eating Because People Encourage Us To
  • Friday 27th June, 2014
  • Are you going to eat because someone else is encouraging you to, or because your body is telling you that you are hungry?