Wisdom for Life

Hi, I'm James Blacker, your host for Wisdom.

Hi, I’m James Blacker. Welcome to Wisdom!

The Online Wisdom Course is a great way to get wisdom for life to help you in every area of your life.

I wish I had been able to take the Course myself twenty years ago, as I can see the differences where I would have made many gains.  And so I know it may have that benefit for you.

Wisdom for Life – In All Areas of Life

Wisdom is a home study course designed to have a profound effect on your personal effectiveness, success, happiness, self-knowledge, self-understanding and sense of fulfillment, by applying the principles of an understanding of pure wisdom itself.

Wisdom is something that is actually a very clear and easy to define quality.  Applying it and living it is equally possible.

We can then use this principle to apply it to the key areas of our lives; career & prosperity, relationships, our body, health and even weight management, emotions, and spirituality/happiness.

We can then also use it for further areas, gaining wisdom for life in the areas of our potential, genius, communication, forgiveness, inner guidance and confidence, and in our understanding of love, our own minds and ‘inner worlds, and our most fulfilling self-expression.

The Wisdom Course combines the best of ancient wisdom with modern logic and critical thinking to make a course that stands the test of today’s challenging, modern, rational world.  The world is changing, and has changed, so we must be equipped for it with a wisdom that can hold many truths as self-evident at the same time.

A Wisdom Coaching Style

As a wisdom coach and wisdom teacher, I teach and write in a style I call ‘wisdom coaching’; aimed and designed to have the best positive effect possible for you, often using the old addage that “repetition is the mother of skill” – yet in a slightly different way each time, to free up as much positive thought and inspiration as we can.

The screen pages of the course’s wisdom teaching contains 20 lessons in 1,000 screen pages, supported by over 29 hours of accompanying in-class audio content.

Read here for the Course’s 20 week home study syllabus, and sample the special offer audios and lesson descriptions. You can click here to purchase the course and download your own copy to own and take in your own time.