Learning Support

Whether you’re a participant of a Live Wisdom Course, or have taken the Online Wisdom Course, you can always get in touch with me to ask about anything to do with The Course which you wish to.

The Online Course: Official Learning Support Package

The Online Wisdom Course also comes with an official gift of up to an hour’s email support, or say ten email exchanges with questions and replies, and the essence of this is that it is really open-ended, it’s just that I can’t say that officially due to the law of averages (I could, theoretically, be swamped for time).

But if there’s something you wish to understand, I’m sure we’ll get you there!

Additional Food for Thought

Ongoing inspiration is also available in other forms, particularly my blog¬†and my ongoing ‘words of wisdom’, notes and quotes on this site, and on my Facebook page which are designed intentionally to provide you with an ongoing ‘diet’ of wisdom and inspiration – reminding you of what is possible for you, and at the same time, what you are ‘free of having to’.


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James Blacker