What is Wisdom?

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The Definition of Wisdom

So what is wisdom?  In order to know what wisdom is you first need to know what ‘Emptiness’ is, because in a minute I’m going to explain that;

“Wisdom is the capacity to understand Emptiness.”

That is the definition of wisdom.

To understand Emptiness requires us to understand the logical relationship between Subject and Object.

A Subject (that’s you) is defined as “that which is aware of an Object” (the things which you are aware of).

So anything that you are aware of is not what you are.  Your thoughts, your body, your relationships, emotions, desires, are all great, but they are what you have, not what you are.

When there are no objects or notions left to directly define ourselves by, then we realise our basic nature is undefined, and so free!  …resting in what we can – for now – think of as ‘Emptiness’; the absence of any kind of Form, physical or otherwise.

Hint: Emptiness and Form can be thought of as opposites.

Watch the video above, taken from both my radio interview on wisdom, and an excerpt from a video interview I did during a break from teaching my Wisdom Course as a Live Course over two days.  This will explain it in more detail.

What is Wisdom? in Action: Putting it into Effect

So how does that work in practice?

Let’s have a look at how we can apply our understanding of what wisdom is to actually benefit our lives…

What is Wisdom? Relationships

In relationships, it means that as you’re no longer tied to the psychological need to prove anything to yourself, or others, or be a certain thing in terms of what you achieve in your relationships, then lovers and partners can be there for authentic and joyful connection, creativity and natural, effortless success and fulfillment, rather than being for ticking a long list of ‘intellectual boxes’ that someone else has deemed you should match up to.

Relationships are no longer needed to be things to gain the approval of our societies, families or peers – or even ourselves!  Therefore, they can be totally natural.  They “self-define”; they define themselves, which is the most effective way.  You can be totally naturally yourself in them.  You don’t have to deny any of the things that are good about you out of fear in order to keep the relationship.

And haven’t you noticed that when you’re being totally naturally yourself that is when you are at both your most charming, and your most happy and fulfilled?!

What is Wisdom? Career and Financial Success

It is often said that financial success is easy, but that it is people that make it difficult.  In fact, multi-millionaire and Dragon’s Den star, Duncan Bannatyne put it thusly;

“Making money is easy, it’s people that make it difficult.”

This is true, in essence.  The principle of prosperity and success is certainly a straightforward one; find and develop your talents and interests, create value for others through them, charge what you’re worth.

But once a simple process is put in the hands of a human being, with a human mind, and it’s doubts, egos and fears, and it’s fears of successes and fears of failures, fears of being judged, etc., the ‘simple process’ is right at the back of a pile of thoughts which may as well be a brick wall – and a net to get caught up in.

These negative and false-self conditioning blocks cause a simple process to be a difficult one, or rather, attempts in vain.  However, Wisdom is a key, in fact the major key, to unlocking all of that.  It gives us a perspective on our blocks from which we can see them as nothing more than programming – we can, by and large, re-write the negative programming much easier form the Wisdom perspective.

Nobody has ever been given totally clean programming for total positive thinking and success.  And even with wisdom shifting blocks can still be a challenge, or even too much in rare situations.  But people with wisdom are essentially better equipped to address such things.  They can also move more quickly through life with a certain ‘flow’.

And again, as with relationships, detachment is also relevant to business and success.  Have you noticed how clumsily and inefficiently you act when you are overly tied to a certain business or money outcome?  You don’t want to lack composure in that way.

What is Wisdom? Applied to Our Health

There are two main ways in which lack of wisdom affects our health.

The mind and the body are totally related.  They are totally intertwined.  In fact, science has now demonstrated that the nervous system and our immune systems are essentially the same thing.

Therefore our thoughts are constantly creating our immune strength.  So what do you think the difference is on the nervous system between peaceful, wisdom based thought processes on the one hand, and turbulent “ego-based” thoughts on the other, where we are constantly self-seeking, trying to find ourselves externally, in external things, and the approval of others?

The second, more obvious impact is that the consequence of being tied to our false or conditioned limiting blocks or beliefs is that we tend to overeat and drink, be lethargic or even depressed, or maybe smoke too much as a response to the subtle and subconscious sense that we can’t quite believe in ourselves enough to follow our dreams.

If stagnation eating or drinking, comfort eating, smoking to relax, etc. are relevant, as they are for most people to some degree, they are going to be putting an extra strain on what is otherwise, in general, a beautifully designed system that is more than comfortably designed for health.

What is Wisdom? Take The Wisdom Course for More

So these are quick examples of three of the main areas of life and how Wisdom can heal them for the better.  What you are great at you already have, but it often needs healing to be released and unblocked.

…and it is this that The Wisdom Course is designed to teach…  The whole process from understanding What Wisdom is – in much more detailed explanation, through to how it is applied most effectively in every area of life.

To find out much, much more, and to put this effect into real practice, take the online home study Wisdom Course and see the difference for yourself.