Real Strength, Power and Love: How to Honour Everything

Would you like real strength, love, power and confidence, rather than the promise of it mixed with the deep down sense of it actually being a long way away?

When I look at something like Facebook, there’s a lot of nice quotes going around, some of them very insightful.

However, what I see most people doing is letting them wash over them, without really any distinction of what’s helpful and what’s not, and often not realizing that some of them even contradict each other – yet when viewed one at a time people do not notice that they do.

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”  v’s “He who chases two rabbits catches neither”.  Both of these sound sensible on their own, yet when seen together are self-evident as totally contradictory.  The deeper truth, or strength, is in your own awareness of what is appropriate for any given moment.  If you give your power to a belief system, you are at its mercy. – James Blacker

This doesn’t really lead to strength – which is fine if you don’t want that, but what I’m teaching, what I’m offering you, is something that’s real, and goes beyond a moment’s nice feeling – a state which is here in one moment, then gone in the next when we need it.

The aim of this Course is to provide real, strength-building foundations and in-the-moment awareness power from which you can live your life fully, to the best of your abilities, and to the truest of your fully conscious heart.

“I’m going to teach you how to honour EVERYTHING.” – James Blacker

How to Honour EVERYTHING

The first thing is, if we try to deny an aspect of ourselves, that’s going to make it very hard to hear our inner wisdom, who’s job it is to help us honour all parts of ourselves and ALL of our true desires.

Are there parts of you deep down that feel lost, but that you know – or instinctively feel – hold some gold about you that is who you are?  If so, the fact that you are even slightly aware of them is probably a sign that part of you has already chosen to reclaim them.  By reclaiming our lost or denied talents and passions, this is one way we can start to honour everything.

The other, is even more powerful, is to be everything – to feel that sense of freedom and feeling of ‘self’ we get when we don’t constrict or limit our sense of who we are.

This is known as The Wisdom Principle, and which is why this is always the very first thing that I teach; before we go on to reclaiming shadow parts (your lost talents and passions), before we go on to body wisdom and weight management, before we go onto relationships, or prosperity, or anything else.

So I invite you to get excited about the feeling of what it will be like to finally start to allow yourself to honour everything in your life, an in your heart.  Bit by bit, gradually we can enjoy the journey of getting there as one and the same as getting there.

An Integrally-Informed Course

The Wisdom Course is NOT a Course in Integral philosophy – no, that would be less fun than I like to have, actually, and far more than we need to live happy, joyful, effective lives.  But it is Integrally Informed.

“The Integral Principle of Success: The more truths you include in your approach to anything, the greater your chances of success.”

The Wisdom Course is Integrally Informed, which means that the overall picture is a whole one, incorporating many subtle truths of life.  This is what makes it effective.

For example, when people argue they are only looking at one truth or aspect – an integral approach renders arguing unnecessary.  If you can transcend argument you can transcend the need for argument with yourself, in your own self-talk, which will really render you with a sense of personal power.

Here, in this video below, I explain the origins of this in The Wisdom Course, and why it is so important.

Click here to view the Wisdom Course Syllabus, then find out about the in-class bonus wisdom audios and support, before buying the Online Course.  If you wish you can also talk to me beforehand.

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