For Women and Men

The elegance of the Wisdom principle is that it is natural for both women and men.

On the one hand, I wrote the course, and I am a man, so there’s a certain affinity there for men. I have empathy for you. I’ve been through the same thing.

On the other hand, my live courses, and online participants are mostly women, so clearly there is something about this material that women are very much enjoying, also.


Women are in a period of history in which they are blossoming with the opportunity and expansion of love and empowerment that is happening for them, and whilst there are many challenges and wounds for women, I see all of the women I know working through these with excitement and courage.


For men, the opportunity is one of finding out, with originality, what it truly means to be a strong, self-assured man.

Opportunities for emotionally connected, male social groups are unbelieveably rare.

It wasn’t until I was forty, in 2014, that I got to experience authentic male communion for the first time, and found it to be much different than I had expected:- a softer quality, the combination of strength and gentleness.

So to be an authentic – and therefore fulfilled! – man is incredibly difficult.

We’re all in this together

For both genders, the aim remains the same: wisdom brings self-love without judgement.  …For only pure consciousness leads to genuine choice.

This brings us to a stage of being beyond judgement in which the unpleasant self-talk of the mind becomes less and less, to the point where we can once again return to live in a joyful state of being, as we were when we were children, but now with the opportunity and empowerment of adults.