Wisdom is the key to just about anything in your life;

health and happiness, to your potential, your gift to the world,
your personal healing, your relationships and your journey.

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Your potential is unique to you.  It’s about what’s in your heart.

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Welcome to The Wisdom Course: Your Way to a More Fulfilling Existence

Welcome to Wisdom The Course: The Way of True Sucess, a 20 Week Home Study Online Wisdom Course, which you can buy and download from this website for home study in your own time.

The Wisdom Course currently comes with a Special Offer of 29 hours of audio accompaniment, covering all 20 lessons of the course, taken from a specially arranged Skype course teaching, plus further Skype or email support from me personally.

Live Wisdom Course Events

There are also Live Wisdom Courses and events which you can also register for here, through this website.

Last year saw a two Day Live Wisdom Course in Chesham in the United Kingdom, and this year plans are afoot for an even more powerful Wisdom Course teaching - 'Awaken Your True Potential' - in Sweden, and possibly also Norway, Denmark or Holland.

How can it be even more powerful? Because everything is evolving, and my skill at helping you uncover your brilliance and your true heart's desires is also evolving as part of that, as is The Wisdom Course itself. Everything is evolving. Join in and find out...

Wherever you are in the World, you can register your interest in attending a Live Wisdom Course Event.

Interview with The Wisdom Course Author, James Blacker

This is a great video introduction to explain where I come from, and what my background is. It also begins to explain to you how you can start to understand the real nature of positive thinking.

James' Wisdom on the Radio

Explaining to 80,000 listeners what Wisdom actually is on this interview on Asian Star Radio, 101.6 fm.

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